Should You Repair Your Jasper GA Roof, Patch, or Replace Your Roof in Jasper GA

The roof is the most crucial element of home construction because it protects the building from the elements of weather and makes it safe for living comfortably. Taking proper care of the roof ensures its long life depending on the type of roofing material like asphalt shingles, wood shingles, tile, slate, concrete, or metal. Due to the massive stress that roofs have to withstand, damages are quite natural over time.

Roof Tile

Detecting damages early can help to continue with the roof by repairing it, but how feasible it will depend on the nature of the damage. Some damages are easily repairable and can restore roof life, but only when the signs of roof deterioration set in so deep that it is beyond repair, and then one must think about a roof replacement.

In this article, we will discuss how to recognize the signs of roof damage and make an assessment to decide whether repair or replacement would be the best solution.

Periodical roof inspection

Keeping a close watch on the roof is the only way to detect damages that can be subtle or obvious. Ideally, roof inspection once a year by Fowler Homes & Roofing Cherokee County must be good enough to check the health of the roof. However, you must inspect the roof immediately after a spell of bad weather like snow, rain, and storm when the chances of roof damage go up many more times. Roof inspection involves checking the exterior, as well as the interior surface as the signs of damage, might show up anywhere.

Exterior signs of roof damage

Some signs on the outside surface of the roof could warn about the possibilities of further damages, and you must act fast to repair it immediately to prevent further deterioration. Watermarks and discoloration are the most common signs of roof damage. Water accumulation in small areas can create watermarks that damage the exterior appearance of shingles and warp it. Pay special attention to the junction of the roof and wall. When damaged, there will be signs of distortion of the transition line.

Check the gutters

Scrutinize the gutters because there might be an accumulation of granules that clog gutters or washing down the spouts. The granules are the result of shingles damage either due to sudden bad weather or prolonged exposure to sunlight. It can also indicate some other roof damage. Look for cracked or cupped shingles, which means that the shingles are breaking away due to weather, or it can happen due to poor home insulation.

Monitoring roof damage from inside

Carefully watch the roof from attic space to detect signs of damage. If you observe warping of the ceilings and walls of the room under the roof, it happens due to water seeping through the roof. Water puddle formed on hardwood floors is also a sign of roof damage.

Roof repair extends roof life and is always a better option compared to the high cost of roof replacement that you must consider when only there is no way to salvage the roof by repairing it.

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