Should You Repair Your Wilmington Roof, Patch, or Replace Your Roof in Wilmington DE

Any home improvement task comes with individual costs attached to it. Hence, ensuring that it either happens at a lower expense or returns the value in the long-term is quite crucial. You have to be extra careful when it involves a complex project like reroofing. You have to decide whether patching leaks and damages will be sufficient or it needs reroofing. If you go with the latter, you will have to take a call between removing the existing roof and adding a new layer over the old structure. Whatever you choose, it is going to charge money.

Hence, as a homeowner, you have to be aware of the condition and requirement of your roof. You cannot leave it just like that. It commands your attention. It will help if you knew when it needs repairing, patching, or replacing. Some of the common problems that every roof suffers include cracking, missing shingles, cupping and rotting of shingles, discoloration, indoor leakage, sagging, light penetrating the attic, particles of shingles flowing into gutters, and so on. Other than these, age can be another factor. Usually, roofing structures require repair or replacement after 20 years or so based on the type of materials used in their construction.

If you feel your roof has already crossed that age or is facing some structural challenges, you can contact a reliable and insured roofing contractor like Dynamic Remodel & Repair Roofing Wilmington for help. The experts can tell you the best treatment for this vital part of your house after a thorough examination.

Here are some situations where they can guide you about when to patch, repair, or replace the roof.

Repair or Patch

One day you will need to replace your old roof, and there is no doubt about it. But sometimes patching or repairing can help fix specific issues allowing you to relax for a considerable amount of time. For instance, if the fallen branch of the tree damages a few shingles or wind causes the loss of a few of them, then you can get that affected area repaired. It will be comparatively cheaper and easy to do. Similarly, if you see water leakage in only one spot, you can opt for patching. This option makes sense if the place is isolated.


As you know already, replacement is unavoidable when your roof becomes old. However, there can be other scenarios also when you might have to take this decision. If too many shingles are missing or shingle particles are flowing into gutters, you have to replace the roof. Even significant discoloration or curling of shingles can also signal a need for a complete makeover. Other than these, you also need to watch out for sagging issues, which hint that the structure is getting weaker.

Anyway, when it comes to patching, repairing, or replacing, you have to take the right step at the right time for the safety and long life of your roof. In Wilmington, you can speak to any certified roofing agency for assistance with any matter that demands careful attention and handling.


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