Smart Home Technological Innovations: How It Could Change the Way We Live

You would agree that it is great to be able to control everything that goes on in your home with a few clicks on your smartphone. From your CCTV, to your gas cooker to your music player, smart home technological innovations come through. The fact that industry giants (Samsung, Amazon and Google) have taken a liking for smart home devices makes things even better.

With all these going on, we can’t deny the fact that technology has the ability to change the way we live. It has changed the way we lived in the past, so the ability of technology is not a hidden one.

More precisely, it is now obvious that smart home technologies can change the way we live even more. There are both positive and negative sides to this. So, let’s examine them.

Positive Ways in Which Smart Home Technological Innovations Could Change the Way We Live


In this day and age, we use so many gadgets/devices that connectivity is so important.

Companies like Apple have taken connectivity into consideration, making it possible to use your Apple ID across various Apple devices owned by a user.

Great smart home technological innovations also take this into consideration; allowing you to connect to your gadget from your smartphone, as we love connected devices. Hence, smart home tech mends that bridge of connectivity that humans have always sought.


Humans naturally prefer convenience, but would only do something that is inconvenient only to achieve a set goal. So, given a chance, humans would naturally go for the more convenient option. You love convenience; that is why you’re looking to get a small portable air conditioner for your room. For information on which product to get, you can see this short list on CoolAndPortable

On a general note, smart home technologies would give you the gift of convenience. It ranges from as simple as a kitchen app that gives you meal suggestions based on your diet to being able to control your air conditioner while you’re at work. With smart home technological innovations, the solution to the problem being solved is always a convenient option.


People want to feel like they are making their decisions by themselves. They want to be in control of things ranging from as huge as their career to something as seemingly little as the music they listen to.

Smart home tech leverages on this by giving people a solution that makes them feel in control, despite the fact that it is being done in the simplest way. An example that depicts this is the monitoring system for smart homes that make you know your pet is lying on your favorite couch. Hence, you can be sure you won’t come back to meet a mess of a living room, even though you are away.

Negative Ways in Which Smart Home Technological Innovations Can Change the Way We Live

Lesser human relations/Social Interactions

With smart home tech, you do not have to call the help to ask if the cat is on your couch. You do not need to make a call to find out why the gas has not been turned off. You can do that from your smartphones. This is a negative way in which smart home tech is changing how we live.

With each passing day, humans no longer feel the need to relate with other humans. This could really be a drastic change to how humans have always lived. The family is the very first social circle for anyone. A decrease in social interaction within the home could imply that it would be worse outside the home.


Humans now rely on network connectivity to get things done. Smart tech could be driving humans to rely more on devices and machines than other humans.

This kind of increasing dependency could make one feel a sense of worthlessness when the network is down.


Security is now more dependent on Internet of Things and while this is supposed to be a good thing, it could also be a disaster. Hackers find new ways to make these cloud solutions vulnerable every day. This could make smart homes vulnerable too.

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