Will You Please Control Your Children…

Why do people have such a difficult time controlling their children??? Am I asking too much by expecting you to monitor your kids when you’re out in public???

Do these children  look familiar??  (Even tho it's obviously staged)
Do these children look familiar?? This is the edited version. Reality is not this orchestrated.

I’m a parent, so I understand that there are times when our little darlings act up. They are children. It’s gonna happen, even to the best parents. But it just seems that lately the rugrats are running wild.

Maybe I’m just getting up there in years. That could be part of it. But I don’t think that’s the only reason my patience is wearing thin. So to test my theory, I did me a little experiment today at work. I just stood back and watched.

This pretty much sums it up.
This pretty much sums it up.

And lo and behold, at least 75% of the children I watched for this short period of time acted like little assholes. And their parents, or guardians, or whatever, ignored them. Just went about their business totally disregarding the fact that their children needed the shit slapped out of them.

And I just stood there in woman’s wear, shook my head, muttering. How did it get this bad???

These children are the future. And we are doing them a huge disservice by letting them run amok. By not disciplining them, we are creating a generation of self-centered, spoiled, disrespectful, losers.

Kid needs his little ass beat.
Kid needs his little ass beat.

Yes, I said losers. A generation that has everything handed to it. A generation that will never know the satisfaction of accomplishing something by their own sweat and ingenuity. A generation that has no respect for authority or any one for that matter.

A generation that breaks the law and could care less. Because they have never had to answer to anyone for their negative behavior. A generation of thugs. A generation that has babies that you’ll get to raise.

Sound like fun??? Yup. Because you refused to discipline your children and teach them to behave responsibly, you get 18 more years of child rearing. Which you sucked at to begin with.

Not that there aren’t many great parents out there. There are. And they’re doing their best. But they’re just as pissed off as I am by the total disinterest these idiots show concerning their children.

So to all the lazy parents out there, when your child and 5 grandchildren are living rent free in your basement with no end in sight, enjoy!! You have only your lousy parenting skills to blame.  k

4 thoughts on “Will You Please Control Your Children…”

  1. Amen to that!!!!
    As a young teen years ago, I tended to mutter things under my breath when my parents yelled at me or disciplined me. Now I’m glad I listened, no matter how hard it was. As an adult with two grown up daughters, I feel a sense of accomplishment as they have grown up to respect their elders and have great manners around adults… and ya know I didn’t need to spank them to death or anything like that, I just gave them the “EYE” look and they knew meant business… and I know that it will pass on to the next generation the same when they have kids of their own…
    So I have done my job and am proud of my girls. I know they will do right by me when they have kids.
    Discipline and responsibility are the key words ….L

    1. In many situations I agree with you. I do however know many single moms or moms with Douchbag men that refuse to help or work all the time. We are told by all the parenting experts to either ignore the monsters and get out ASAP or in a perfect world, leave immediately. I, like many, find any time alone in the store as a mini getaway. Beggars can’t be choosers!

  2. You have summed up perfectly the degenerating situation regarding controlling children in public places.

    Many parents don’t know what to do. The law says don’t hit them, (it is illegal in many places) and it does not do any good anyhow, believe me, I tried it.

    The general consensus here in the UK is that it is bad for them, and here anyway, there is a total disregard for neighbours, fellow shoppers, people eating in restaurants, anyone other than the brat.

    Which nowadays is called something like India, Peaches, FiFi-Trixiebelle, or Burmese-Sapphire. I kid you not.

    Not so long ago it was decided by the psych medical professionals to let the little darlings run free. Never stop them from doing what they want, for their own good of course. Never mind the good of those around the hysterical brat in the packed full Wal-Mart line.

    I agree this is SO wrong, and future generations will reap the whirlwind because of these spoilt brats. They will never learn to fit in with society if they never accept that they cant get what they want all the time.

    Even though I was married, my spouse was away ‘working’ most of the time and I brought him up myself. Thank god, as the husband turned out to be the biggest asshole on the planet.

    And now my son is an exemplary citizen holding down a complex job, and educated to a high standard. So there are rewards for doing the right thing with kids when they are small.

    Parenting is by far the most difficult job I have ever had to do, but it is worth it in the long haul.

    1. Anne, you have officially become my new (and only) BFF from across the ‘big pond’! It sounds as if the UK is also dealing with the backlash of parents refusal to discipline their children. I agree that many are afraid because of legal ramifications, but as we know, there is a huge difference between parental discipline and child abuse. What I have observed lately seems to be just plain laziness on the parents part. And unfortunately it has become socially acceptable to let your little monsters reek havoc when out in public. I know when my daughter acted up in public (which was rare), we just left. Period. And then if any steps were needed to address her behavior, it was done then. Not where everyone has to listen to it. No bargaining. No begging. No bribing. Behave or we go home. And now my child has grown into a wonderful young woman, just like your son, who I am immensely proud of. Am I the world’s most wonderful parent??? Hell no. But I did my best to teach my child ethics, integrity, and manners.(With the help of some amazing women. They know who they are!) And I agree, it’s been totally worth it!

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